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Map 042C08

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Can I annotate the map before it’s printed?

Definitely - just download the .TIF file above and edit it in your favourite image editing program. Then send me an email at when you’re ready to get it printed

Waterproof Maps

Are they laminated?

No - they’re printed directly onto plastic (so they’re lightweight and easy to fold)

Can I write on them?

Yup, an ordinary pen will work

What about dry erase markers - will they work?



Can I pay you by Credit Card/Paypal/eTransfer/Bitcoin/Cheque/Money Order?

I'm not picky - on the checkout page you can choose whichever of those options you’d prefer

Refund me!

You bet - the last thing I want is for you to be unhappy!

Unless it's a particularly popular map I probably won't be able to resell it though, so let's make a deal - you cover postage, and I'll eat the map cost.

Just shoot me an email at and we’ll get the ball rolling

Tell Me More

Do they ship folded or rolled?

It depends on the shipping option you pick.

Lettermail, Letterpost or Small Packet: Folded
Expedited or Xpresspost: Rolled

What size are they?

It varies, but this one is 33.4” (85cm) wide by 25.3” (64cm) tall

Did you design them?

Nope. I have my own line of canoeing maps, but these maps here were created by the Government of Canada (anyone can print them free of charge)

Can you supply my store?

For sure - just send me an email at and we’ll work the pricing out


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